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Gabriel  three

grandson of Gabriel I


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           Our Retired family members 


Gabriel I   - retired and loving his play time    pedigre

Von Lakes MICAH Lee Deater



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Gabriel  and son







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Awards and ribbons

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he is still around june 2016 at.. 16.5 years young, i love you Gabriel!!!



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 A.K.C White German Shepard's

About Angel and Gabriel,

Two of the best dogs you could ever have the pleasure of knowing, they are loving, family oriented very intelligent working  dogs. They have excellent pedigrees, with the conformation to follow it up. But most of all they are good natured family dogs. 

About Angel - When Angel was giving birth you could take a puppy from her and she would just gaze up at you as to say, Please put it back when you are done. She is highly intelligent and a very good mother,  her babies are fat and healthy. No runts in any litters so far. She is playful and her best friend besides Jo and myself is Gabriel., she is a very loving girl. She will give you a lick on your hand before she will take her first bite of food. She is very sweet and great with children, which from what we have been told of her puppies that follows through to her offspring as well.

About Gabriel- Gabriel  is a true blessing from God.  He is a loyal loving friend and pet. He loves people. Everyone  who comes to pick up the puppies or horses want to take Gabriel home. He is the kind of dog you do not have to tell him what to do, you look and he knows. If he is where he is not suppose to be you simply say, Gabriel and point , he moves. Nothing he has been taught just his keen sense of things. He is the smartest dog I have ever had the pleasure to know, he is a great tracker, he can find you no matter where you hide or where you are. Lock him up and hide on 30 acres and he will find you in moments.  Picture 001.jpg (53819 bytes)

Every one is his best friend yet when he needs to sound tuff and rough he can scare off anyone.  Gabriel is the best father you could ever ask for in a puppy . He is a good buddy,  he is smart, & sensitive, obedient yet playful. He loves his babies and a better friend we could never have.

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               Gabriel and the Cat

Black Pearl    

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Gabriel and Black Pearl Playing when she was a few weeks old! OH how they grow.


Black Pearl had a beautiful litter of puppies with Gabriel, ALL beautiful silvers and blacks! click here to view



Female AKC Black German Shepherd 

Black Pearl

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Meet Black Pearl  About Black Pearl - Black Pearl is a well balanced mix of German and American bloodlines that we feel will enhance our program even more for the working dog. We believe she will be a great match for Gabriel. She is a very smart female that is playful, happy and a wonderful addition to our family of dogs. She is real sweetie. One of the most loving mothers we have had for her puppies. 



 We are very blessed with our dogs and you will be also. Thank you for letting us share our family and our dogs with you.